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Intelligent Building Systems

Nixon’s Intelligent Building Systems take advantage of intelligent automation, modern communications, and other technology solutions to operate, monitor, and maintain a building in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

IBS Solutions

IBS Solutions integration is the process by which isolated systems, such as access control systems, intercom systems, CCTV systems and security alarm systems, are connected with the aid of software, a computer network and structured cabling into a coordinated system.

For our IBS Solutions business, we design, supply and install IBS to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We provide IBS Solutions to customers undertaking projects to build new buildings or facilities, or upgrade IBS in existing buildings or facilities.

In providing our IBS Solutions, we will propose to our customers the types of ELV equipment and/or software to be used, as well as advise them on the manner of integration, so as to achieve an IBS system which not only caters to the needs of our customers, but is also efficient and cost effective. As part of our IBS design work, we also advise our customers on the physical layout of the ELV equipment to be installed on their premises or in their security control rooms.

IBS Distribution

We sell and distribute ELV equipment supplied to us by our technology partners. Our IBS Distribution business focuses solely on the sale of ELV equipment to third parties without the provision of integration services under our IBS Solutions business.  Generally, our ELV equipment is sold to system integrators. Our IBS Distribution business is carried out directly by us in Hong Kong and PRC.

3_IBS Maintenance
IBS Maintenance

We provide IBS Maintenance services such as the conduct of preventive and corrective checks on  IBS, as well as the replacement of faulty ELV equipment. We provide IBS Maintenance services for customers whose IBS were designed, supplied and installed by us or by third parties. Our clients include customers from both the public and private sectors. Our IBS Maintenance services are typically offered for a duration of one to three years and our fees are usually payable on a monthly basis.

For IBS Solutions projects designed, supplied and installed by us, our customers will receive complimentary maintenance services during the Warranty Period. Prior to the expiry of the Warranty Period, we will approach our customers with the view to offering our IBS Maintenance services.

24 Hours Alarm and Central Monitoring

To enhance our array of services, Nixon Group can provide our customers with round-the-clock central alarm off-site monitoring services and assistance from our 24-hour control room.

We are an approved contractor for the maintenance and improvement of the CABD and security systems in certain public housing estates managed by the HK Housing Authority and the HK Housing Society.

Such qualification allows us to tender for public works projects by the Hong Kong government.

Other than public housing estates, Nixon also provide 24-hours control and central monitoring services for
–           Retail Shops
–           Ware House
–           Office Premises
–           Residential Premises including bungalows, low-rise development and villas

Security Systems

Recent global terrorist activities have increased the demand for highly sophisticated and technologically advanced security and surveillance system. Nixon Group is the market leader in this area and is renowned for its state-of-the-art systems. Some of the services provided include :

Mobile Cargo X-ray Screen System

This system can inspect cars, vans, and trucks, as well as palletized cargo, and air and sea cargo containers.  We offer our systems in a variety of configurations to give customers maximum flexibility, safety, and utility when implementing security solutions.


X-Ray Body Screen System
X-Ray Body Screen System

We supply X-Ray body security scanner which manufacturer is Soter. The RS security scanner is an X-ray apparatus designed for the non-intrusive searching of persons for weapons, drugs and other items for security purposes.


Biometric Access Control System

Our system is designed to communicate through a smart or proximity card reader and/or through a biometric system including face recognition reader, palm vein reader, retinal eye scanner reader, fingerprint which also sends and receives coded signals (e.g. QR code) via a network port to a set of customized programs developed according to the specifications of the user. Typically, such systems are used for identification, security access or secured payment purposes.


CCTV System
CCTV System

A professional video system comprises CCTV systems including IP camera and thermal camera which are generally installed in a building or facility for security and surveillance purposes. Such CCTV systems can be designed and installed in a single or multi-channel mode, or in video networks to handle multiple channels in a single fiber optic cable. The CCTV system can also be equipped with features for video storage and real time video streaming or projection, or integrated with security alarm systems and other electronically managed systems.


Smart Card And Carpark Management System
Smart Card And Carpark Management System

Our system is used to monitor and control the ticketing system at the car park entrance of a building or facility.  The ticketing system applied in this system may be controlled via remote control or an advanced smart card system at the entry and exit points.


Security Alarm
Security Alarm

Nixon security systems designed, supplied and installed by us features smart card access control, audio/video entry intercoms, video and alarm remote monitoring and/or personal panic alarms with coded sounds. This system is designed to protect the properties and the valuable contents that are stored in a building or facility and/or the security of its occupants.


Watchman Tour System
Watchman Tour System

Our system allows the user to track down the security personnel performing their tour of duty, to ensure that the security personnel are at the right place at the right time.


Communications System

Nixon Group has long been involved in providing communications system to both private and public sectors. Some of the work that Nixon Group has undertaken include the supply and installation of:

Intercom system

Nixon intercom system allows the user to communicate with or view visitors through videophones, handsets and visitor panels. Intercom systems may likewise allow the users to grant access to visitors through the secured entrances of the facilities.


Healthcare System

This is essentially a communication system between patients and the staff, which is used in hospitals and long-term care centres. Healthcare systems may be installed with a database management system to allow users to assign priority ranking among patients.



Nixon CABD/SMATV system allows multi-unit estates, hotels, schools, hospitals and other multi-occupant facilities to receive good quality reception of television and radio programmes.


Public Address

Nixon’s professional sound and audio system which is typically installed in venues such as shopping centres, schools, commercial buildings, hotels and other public spaces.


Data Networks

Data networks typically comprise cable networks, PCs and other computer peripherals installed on a LAN for the purpose of database/intranet management.


Voice Network System

Our telecommunication system that processes incoming or outgoing calls through a programmable and computer interfaced PABX system.


Audio Reinforcement System And Video Wall System

Nixon audio reinforcement system and video wall system comprises of electronic equipment for recording or reproducing information in an audible and visual form.


Audio System

Our audio system comprises of electronic equipment for recording or reproducing sound.



Our portable two-way communication system that is capable of covering a long range of approximately 3.2 km.


Intelligent Automation System

Nixon Group has been involved in emerging technologies that constantly redefining our homes.  Smarter appliances and new home networking products are making modern home into a connected hub, perfect for work and play.  Many independent one-function devices can now be replaced by a single unit with the capability of a whole range of older products. 

Nixon Group offers the kind of services that require less input from humans such as home automation, intelligent home management system and multimedia instructional systems. All these services are designed to achieve a greater level of convenience.

KNX is the Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control. The KNX system essentially comprises an embedded control protocol, which is a digital language by which a number of electrical devices in a building or facility may be programmed to communicate and function with each other. Electrical devices, which are in KNX standard, may be installed in commercial, office and residential buildings to cooperate and perform distributed control application functionalities such as: lighting, blinds / shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, signalling and monitoring systems, interfaces to service and building control systems, remote control, metering, audio / video control, white goods, etc. All these functions can be controlled, monitored and signalled via a uniform system without the need for extra control centres. 

The above security systems, communication systems and intelligent automation systems can be integrated and connected into a coordinated system with the aid of a wireless network or structured cabling such as CAT. 5E / CAT. 6, fibre-optic and other types of cabling.


Smart home

This system is a computerized/remote control system which allows the user to control and/or pre-program (via the Internet, the telephone or a personal digital assistant (PDA)), amongst others, the electricity and power supply systems of certain household appliances, heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning systems, lighting systems (with on/off, dimming or scene effects), intelligent security alarm analyser and camera surveillance systems, entertainment systems (with source selection for pre-stored videos, photo albums and radio and television channels), weather monitoring systems, intelligent PABX systems as well as advanced access control systems such as bio-metric door access systems in a house or an apartment. A smart home system can be programmed to suit the individual needs or preferences of the user.


Sole Agency

About AS&E

AS&E, is a US manufacturer of X-ray equipment and related technologies began as a developer of scientific instruments for NASA in 1958.

AS&E X-ray systems protect ports, borders, airports, prisons, military and high-threat facilities, and critical infrastructure worldwide, such as China, Middle east… 
They aim to provide the best and the fastest world-class inspection technologies of X-ray system.



Stylish, Flexible, Elegant Siedle is one of the leading manufactures of communication technology buildings in Germany and Europe. The traditional family company makes all the necessary products for communication in and around the house. And has done for more than 250 years, in the same location with uncompromising quality. Since 1975, Siedle has been awarded over 70 national and international design awards for its product and corporate design. Such as Red Dot Design Award, iF Product Design Award, Interior Innovation Award, Universal Design Award…… Siedle only provides best-class material with high quality. Every Siedle product needs to prove its reliability under the most extreme conditions by passing Hammer blows, water baths, salt fog, electrical and acoustic testing, UV radiation or non-stop endurance testing before launch on the market. Products & awards pictures below 

1.Door stations with letterbox 


3.Light pedestals 

4.Communication and signage 


About Rauland-Borg
About Rauland-Borg

Rauland-Borg has been setting new standards for integrated communications technology and service for more than 80 years. 
Since 1936, Rauland-Borg has identified, developed and perfected innovative communications tools to meet and surpass customers’ needs, with more than 600 employees, and installed in 4000 Hospitals in 35 countries. Their aim is to make communication faster and more direct – the right person gets the right call at the right time, staff can work more efficiently and effectively. Their business includes design and manufacture of communications and life-safety equipment for institutional environments.  They’re the industry leader for a good reason. They are nurse call expert.